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The Year That Never Was!!!

To say that this years plan for LOR have been completly thrown out is a huge understatement. The first few weeks and months was almost manageable until recent announcements, and the constant uncertainty has been driving us round the bend. With (almost) no gigs, and the ever present threat looming over the rest of this years gigs, its really truly begining to give us anxiety. How do you promote a band with F**k all to promote? There's only so much you can shout about your single*** How do you make plans when there's no plans to make? What's the precedent for this? So you end up in this self perpetuating worry about how you adapt and overcome as a band.

Where national and local lockdowns allow we've been chipping away at recording our next release(s) which has been pretty slow work when you factor in 2 babys on the way, 2 house moves, broken down cars and a dramatic drop in what we expected to earn in gigs this year to boot!

But let it be said that those who've taken advantage of our 'free P&P until we f***ing gig' offer, you really have made a huge difference and we hope you love your merch as much as we love you for buying.

This is a mixed one for us, whilst we dont make music to keep a roof over our head and food in our belly like many musicians we know, we feel that we're almost not as entitled to be upset by pandemic and its impact on LOR compared to those who really do earn through music for a living. But nonetheless, we DO feel the ever increasing gutting of desperation and inpatience creeping over the now arid industry. However, as briefly mentioned, we do have recordings in our hands, and we are in the process of mixing, the focus on producing quality music, more so than usual, as weve got nowt' but time on our hands, and need to be extremely careful with the money spent going into the those productions, and for them to be well thought out.

Imagine if you will, the hours we would usually spend together in the rehearsal room, take that away, and instead use that time writing 100s of messages to each other agonising over details of things. It's a bit like that. When a simple look, nod or gesture would cut out days of conversing, but we want to get it right, and not fall foul of making rushed and brazen choices out of lockdown situations in order to appear 'active' and then look back and say to ourselves, ''ah yes, that was released in the lockdown of September 2020" and it totally show!

We praise the great efforts of our venues and promoters and importantly, you the gig goers, to changes we must all adhere to and abide by in order to bring the live music scene back to life and champion the musicians and bands waiting patiently.

Soon enough this will all just be a forgotten memory, and we'll all be awakened if we just walk the line, and see what's left.


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