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Power Play Magazine Single/Video Review - Lords of Ruin -In From The Cold

We here at PowerPlay Magazine don’t usually review singles but this was sent to me by Mr Docherty and I just had to write something down, this won’t get published in the magazine so I’m posting it here ….

Lords Of Ruin

‘In From The Cold’

Lords Of Ruin are from various points in the North of England and the members have paid their rock n roll dues in a number of bands schlepping up and down the country. Although seemingly unsuccessful all that road experience has got them to where they are now.

Performing In From The Cold @ Call Of The Wild Festival 2019

New single ‘In From The Cold’ is a fine slice of modern melodic heavy rock/metal. The influences in the song range from the darkness of the Sisters Of Mercy and the Misfits to the metallic majesty of Dream Theater and Alter Bridge with the added punch of Stone Sour. Quite an eclectic bunch of sounds which meld into a tight caustic tale of desperation and an intervention. The music is stark and perfect for the subject matter.

The opening riff comes on like a train and we expect some death like growls rather than the soulful Myles Kennedy like pipes of Dox Docherty who gets inside the song and expresses his pain beautifully. It’s heavy, it’s catchy and it sounds awesome.

Get the video too where all the members play a starring role and are believe it or not -are believable!

Can’t recommend this highly enough – trust me this will be played on the radio A LOT! Hurry up and get an album out please.

Smudge – PowerPlay Magazine

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