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L.O.R Confirmed for Rockmantic 2020 One Love

We are thrilled to tell you that Lords of Ruin have been confirmed for the final Rockmantic 2020 One Love. We had such an amzing time this year, so we are honoured to have been asked to join the finale.

This festival has given so many bands a voice over the years. The fans who come to this event are some of the loyalist music fans the country has to offer. No band is left without a good crowd and a big cheer. I have been lucky enough to play at the past 4 Rockmantics, with former bands or as a solo act. I have built life long friendships, got some incredible connections for more shows, & it is where the first discussions to form L.O.R took place between myself and Steveo. I owe almost everything to this festival, & i will always hold fond memoies of it. Its gonna be a BIG MISS.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the big man Mr Raz White for his continued support. Almost all the shows we have booked are down to him. he has asked us for nothing, & in return, given us the leg up we needed to lauch L.O.R properly. We are eternally gratefull!

Tickets are already on sale so get in there quick cos this is going to be a biggie!!!

You can book your Rockmantic 2020 tickets by following this link

We really hope to make this the biggest Rockmantic ever. Lets give Raz the finale he deserves for not only helping bands to get their musc out there, but for giving music fans something to look forwad to every year.

Really hope to see you down the front!

Dox Docherty

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