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A Day In The Life Of Lord Steveo

Here I am again, at the venue that essentially raised me into the musician I am today ( Drummer jokes aside) The Brickyard is amongst my favourite venues to play, its well equipped and well known for its Red Stripe, and a strong scene of punters.

So to be stepping on stage for what seems like my 100th time here, I'm stoked to be getting back up on stage with LOR.

The day starts off like many other gigs, the group chat going off every second with the logistical updates from the Lords being ever constant. "What times load in again?" "Where you guys parking?" "Are we having a sound check?" You know, the usual craic!

I arrive first to drop my gear off, and at the same time, the kit is being sound checked for the night, and I can already tell the sound coming from the Yamaha Oak Custom kit is going to be a pleasure to play, I even say so to the sound guy Andy, who points me in the direction of the guy who's lending the kit for the weekend, Tom I think he was called, we chat about drums like you do. It was around this time the rest of the Lords had descended, but seeing's as the first band of the night were just getting underway for the only sound check of the night, we had some time to get ourselves together to go over the finer points of tonight's set, over a nice, cold, beverage!

We then headed back to the Bricky' where Stand Alone had just got underway, we set up our merch' and before long we were due up for our 30 minute slot. We left the merch' in capable hands, where we snuck off for 10 minutes to 'get our shit together' and swing our arms around as if we were about to commence a Triathlon, suitably limber, we're now minutes away from getting up.

It was at this venue 2 years ago, that Lords of Ruin was conceived, so to be playing for the 2nd time here, we felt it was time to put the big boy pants on and get this joint rocking!

We opened with Decay, our newest tune, seamlessly followed by Forgotten Memories, a short hello, and fired into Man I Am, my personal favourite song to play. Walk the Line was next, and being our 4th gig in total, it seems this is already a firm crowd favourite, Burn em' all & Bulldozer, saw us into the last song, In From The Cold, which will be our single in the near future!





Time to chill, enjoy the night, witness amazing sets from the rest of the weekends bands, and catch up with familiar friends, with a chance to meet those who haven't seen the band before, and who have the greatest response to the set you've just played, and who are keen to know when they can catch you again!

Rockmantic has truly been a great showcase of the emerging talent we have not just in the UK, but from around the world, organised by Raz White who needs little introduction, however he's called it a day on this event, with 2020 being the last one, and we're pretty honoured to be amongst the last bands to perform it.

By the end of the night, the support we received from you guys in the crowd was pretty damn awesome to be honest, and saw us make those crucial £££'s to get us in the studio to record the single, and were talking we made it with just £2 to spare!!

So Ill round up this ramble with a simple thank you for reading, a thank you for supporting, and, Whats the difference between a drummer and a toilet seat?.........................A toilet seat only has to put up with one arsehole at a time.



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