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Hailing from the cold North of England, Lords of Ruin (LOR) are made up of five seasoned musicians. Who have all previously left their mark on the UK hard rock/metal scene. Blending various elements from across the rock and metal genres they produce an eloquent and mature blend of hard hitting material that is sure to entertain audiences of all tastes.

Debut single 'In From The Cold' was released in August 2019, & certainly made an impact, coming #8 in Hard Rock Hell's "Top 100 tracks from 2019."

Much anticipated follow-up single "What's Left?" released in February 2021 marking a solid return following the Covid-19 pandemic.

LOR will be looking to release an EP in the near future.

The Lords

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Lead Vocals,

Acoustic Guitar



Backing Vocals

Steve O


Backing Vocals

Kev began playing guitar at the age of 14 after seeing several live videos of Slash from Guns and Roses and realising it looks like great fun! By the age of 19 he was teaching guitar at a local music store and also joined a local metal outfit named Upon Bitter Ground. He then went on to study several styles of music at the ICMP music college in London. Upon returning to Cumbria he joined an up coming local band named 'Die No More' where he met Steve and Liam and began gigging and touring for several years until the project disbanded. After a year or two of relaxing on the sofa and drinking beer....Steve approached Kev to join his latest metal band. Of course he jumped at the chance to work along side some great musicians keen to make an impact on the music scene! So it was time to dust off the cobwebs and have at it once again!


Inspirations - Jason Becker, Dimebag Darrell, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Megadeth, Metallica, GNR


Associatied with -

Upon Bitter Ground, Die No more

Stones love of music began at an early age. His parents played all types of music at home, but it was one band in particular that started his passion for
everything guitar; Dire Straits. Stones didn't start playing guitar until he was 14, after hearing Steve Vai's Passion and Warfare. He dived head first into the world of guitar learning, & pretty soon he was teaching guitar. He started a small guitar repair company called Stoner Guitar Mods in 2014 and even won a sponsorship deal with a company called Hellfire Tools who supplied him with all the tools for his job.

Inspiration -

Guns N Roses, Steve Vai, Dire Staits

Associated with -

Stoner Guitar Mods

Dox started playing guitar at the age of 9. Brought up mainly on 60s/70s music, he discovered the blues in his early teens, and started putting his guitar playing to the test. Joined his first band Minnikin in 2003, but was writing songs long before that, and now has an impressive catalogue of music behind him.

Not being able to settle on, just the guitar, Dox lends himself to other instruments including bass, drums, and keys.

He has worked with some of the countries finest underground artists, & even a few celebrities.
He has been in many bands. Either as a permanent member, or filling in for absent members.

Dox promises an energetic, high volume show......Every Time!

Inspirations -

Michael jackson

Myles Kennedy

Andrea Bocelli

Ray Charles

Axl Rose

Associated With -


Rusted Hero,

A Jokers Rage

Liam started playing guitar at 15 shortly after discovering his love for heavy metal music, but was inspired mainly by his Father who played guitar and sang in local punk bands in his younger years. In his late teens Liam delved into the local music scene, attending gigs and following local bands such as Die No More who he would later join as roadie. Through this he was able to gain an insight into the gigging world, which would help when the time came to play in a band himself. In 2016 he took up bass duties and formed Carlisle metal band AWOKE where he spent the next few years writing songs and playing gigs in the north of England, before disbanding in early 2019. Now he brings the thunder for Lords of Ruin, eager to push the band forward.

Inspirations -

Metallica, Motorhead, Bullet For My Valentine, Paul Gilbert, Adam 'Nolly' Getgood,

Mark Tremonti

Associated with -

Die No More,


Jack of all trades, master of none, Steve has played in Rock, Pop Covers, Prog, metal, you name it, but with a strong undercurrent of hard rock, metal and punk. that has always drawn to hard working gigging bands to share the stage with, and for 15+ years, he's found it.....

"If it's with a band great!.... and, if they too want to get up on stage and perform in front of an appreciative live audience, all the better"!

Always in full time gigging bands, most recently a band known as Die No More, who gigged extensively across the UK and manged some dates in Belgium through into Holland. As well as recording 2 EP's & an Album.

"So when the opportunity arose to play with another bunch of talented bastards, of course I jumped on the chance."

Inspirations - Garret Whitlock, Travis Barker, Eric Moore, John Dolmayan,

Associated With -

Die No More,

Brocken Spectre, Bubble'ed

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